It’s been a long time ….

Welcome to Coburg. Gosh it’s been so long since I’ve done a post I’ve actually moved house. I’ve discovered which is a neat way of listening to music so here’s a band I’m sure you’ll all hate although I find them compelling ….

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What’s your excuse?

The collapse of my computer system has provided a perfect excuse not to do any Worpressing for weeks but it came back today and if last night’s concert by Bob Dylan at the Rod Laver Arena isn’t worth crowing about then I don’t know what is. The highlight was for me was a song I’d never heard before ,  John Brown, with a heartfelt Nettie Moore a close second.

Anyway, yet another honourable loss for the Blues today against The Bombers has left me deflated. At least I had the brains not to go. Yeah, Bob has travelled well and his shedding of the guitar except as an opener in favour of the keyboards I guess was a Newportesque moment. I loved it. RRR’s claim on air that he closed his set with the guitar has got me thinking that there is a parallell universe or perhaps they didn’t go after all. Ballad of a Thin Man was great and there was this little keyboard figure and I know I’ve heard it before. It’s been playing in my head all day but I’ll figure it out I guess.

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The Blue Klowns


I’m glad I didn’t stick around for today’s DEBACLE so here’s a lovely photo instead. Like the Blues, this old Brisbane Bridge is of not much use any more and of sentimental value only.

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The cat in the bag


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A feasible checkers opening


Tournament opening #3

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Washing dishes is fun


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Working class hero

Being permanently banned from Bolt World and not getting a guernsey on Tim Blair (obviously a Bolt moderater) has liberated much time so apart from playing internet chess/go and walking the banks of the Maribinong with the family I wasted half the day on You Tube and digested many of the meats of our cultural stew including the excellent Henry Rollins T.V. show, Roky Erikson, Adam and the Ants, Black Sabbath and Slayer. Anyway I thought Green Day’s cover of Lennon’s classic is O.K. so click away.

But how do I vent my spleen now … ????

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Backyard construction site


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T.V. I


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Tramstop poster one.

The Herald Scum ....The Herald Scum ....The Herald Scum ...The Herald Scum ...