Backyard construction site


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Marble Jar


The fine art of collecting

UMOOKU’s jar of found marbles and round things.

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Odds and ends


lost time is not found again …

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Mother’s Day blogger


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Dicky Square


As used by real experts in the trade.

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Burnt cds


You can’t glass a man with a plastic bottle.

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The famous old dark grey hat


“anywhere I may roam
where I lay my head is home”

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Playhouse detail one (2007).


Noone’s tearin’ this playhouse down baby.

Cost so far – less than $5.00 with free labor and transport and incorporating many fine old Brunswick establishments courtesy of Mr Skip, Mr LaneĀ and Footpath Productions.

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Desktop one.


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“He fills his head with interests”


Man in Brunswick shed as photographed by someone else.

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