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Sorry, but I’m a little bit anal retentive!

Is this slightly errr … childish … jibe at Organic Food indicative of further Freudesque mental problems?


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The best browser?

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An Off The Hip freebie ….

Off The Hip

I could hardly snaffle me lovely new Off the Hip sampler CD with out giving this magnificent business a plug could I?

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Magpie one.


I must say I was impressed with the gusto with which the team song was sung after the win.  Good to see the old school is not beaten.

onya and go pois


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More ideas than I can handle.


It’s rude to point.

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There is no post today …

WordPress picture upload is up the putty today, all you get in the upload window is a mirror version of the WordPress site as if it were a frame. This is because PHP is crap. Any ideas. It is of course IRONICAL that in my efforts to tell the world that there is no post today, there is in fact a post, so stuff it here’s a picture anyway.

Has anyone here ever taken BEX on a regular basis. If you have your kidneys are probably shot. 

The moral of this tale is that with FREE windows technology you get what you pay for.

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Doll’s house one.

Doll’s house one.

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Ceiling one.

Ceiling one.

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Frontyard one.

Frontyard One.

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