Monster truck toy


A fine gift from Mr Sidewalk.

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Snowman and Foster


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Happy Philip


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A song by …

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Bomberesque toy lawn mower


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Playhouse detail one (2007).


Noone’s tearin’ this playhouse down baby.

Cost so far – less than $5.00 with free labor and transport and incorporating many fine old Brunswick establishments courtesy of Mr Skip, Mr Lane and Footpath Productions.

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Block trolley one.


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Sedictionary one.

‘I was sold down the river

to the red slave trade,

orders given,

plans were laid …. ‘

Punk Flag chords

At the moment SEDICTIONARY is me and drummer from Reservoir and the first(easy) ask for the lads from Reservoir(e) is the epic tome, PUNK FLAG which is a rewrite of WIRE‘s Pink Flag which, by the way, is how you play the blues.

Fast Train protoype one.

Fast Train prottype one.

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Playhouse design sketch one.

Playhouse design sketch one.

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