Floor snack





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Personally I think that rats are a fine noble creature but Tony, our cat, also a fine noble creature in his own special way seems to disagree. Anyway he kills em’ and I bury em’ but as he is on such a good wicket with prepacked cat food he doesn’t actual eat em’ except to chew the tasty bits like the contents of the cranium. That’s nature for you buddy, brutal but honest. Mind you I think Tony’s Karma is in bad shape and maybe next life he might be a helpless creature like a rat, mouse or a bird himself. Mind you my Karma could be fairly shaky itself and I may yet join him.

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Running girl


In which a cat named Tony gets hectored.

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And you will know Tony by the trail of dead


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Nothing but blue skys


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Tony – nothing else matters

Tony - nothing elseĀ matters

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