Brunswick Brickworks 2007

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Sydney Road – 18th May 2007


Strathfields – home of the mighty Walkman and a familiar Brunswick haunt. Source of many electrical goodies.

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Over the hills and faraway


Extinct view up Warwick Street Hobart as captured on a cheap camera last century as a man made his way up Murray Street one sunny day on his way home. A most opportune photo.

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This is the modern world


Dawson Street Brunswick 2007.

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My fading empire


Flyer Distribution Hint – laser printed A4 weathers well but use strong glue. The local laundrette is a good place to dump leftovers but direct advertising on the box is most effective, if you’ve got the cash.

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BI-LO trolley one.


I have always thought that one of these would make a great hard weed collector or something useful (not to mention the great wheels) but I am not allowed to take these things home. Theft is after all mostly ILLEGAL in this country, particularly regards the property of large corporations. I confess however that one hot sunny summer’s day down in Seaford we did use an abandoned shopping trolley to transport a slab of beer.

Please call the police.

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Union Street Brunswick – January 2007.

Union Street Brunswick one.

It’s a bit sad that all these wonderful old inner suburban shopping strips have faded away. Here’s hoping they come back. The local pub opposite hangs on though (most of those have gone as well) but only with the help of lunchtime strip shows. The clown who runs the joint barracks for the club formerly known as North Melbourne which is tragic given that Brunswick is BLUES territory.

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Brackesque example one.


Reg Plimpff (2007).

Brackesque No. 5

Medium : Digital Acrylic

[Willywanka Studios – Prahan – Victoria]

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