Use No Hooks – Running Shirt

I inherited this tape off my late friend Steve and he was very pleased that I wacked it on CD for him. Publish and be damned he said. So be it. USE NO HOOKS. Working Title – Running Shirt. Steve Bourke on drums. Do yourself a favour and check out The Little Band Scene

DOWNLOAD Running Shirt here.

NOTE : If anyone out there feels they OWN this stuff let me know. If it ends up turning up on a commercially available product sourced from here it will only confirm what I already think of the Music Industry. It’s is not my place to do anything other than this and that is probably not my place either.

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Tramstop poster one.

The Herald Scum ....The Herald Scum ....The Herald Scum ...The Herald Scum ...

Brunswick – ghetto of hate

 Today as I wandered through Brunswick I was thinking of a new Sedictionary ditty dedicated to the insane ramblings of my fave Herald Sun Klown from whose blog I have now been PERMANENTLY BANNED from by The Anonymous Panel of Bolt Moderators for todays post as Reg of Grafton who had the nerve to suggest that a rag such as the HERALD SUN that shamelessly promotes such mediocre rubbish as the Eli Roth / Quentin Tarantino mindless gorefest Hostel 2 is really in no position to ride the moral high horse about anything.

Mind you the Herald Sun is not alone here. The SBS movie show thought the film was rescued by humor. The first installment of Hostel was supposed to be a wry comment on the atrocities at Abu Ghraib but if you believe that nonsense I have twenty acres of swamp land I’d like to sell you. As Paul Westerberg of The Replacements once sang – “shocking how nothing shocks anymore …”

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An uberkool Smith St. Brunswick garage sale


$30.00 blown on a whim so no footy (woulda been a waste of money anyways) or cd’s in town with a fine vinyl copy of Jailbreak thrown in for a buck. Spoils include Jimi Hendrix, Jonathan Richman, Blur, Slayer The MC5 and music instruction material for bass guitar and harmonica. All good stuff and plenty more. All genres welcome. All genres plundered.

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Too busy to blog.


A man does not need two houses or for that matter, two bikes.

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Extraordinary renditions done at home.


Sedictionary 18 - 02 - 2007

An Extraordinary Rendition [take 1.]


Bass, Guitar, Voice, Sampler, Drum Machine.

” …. can you hear the voice ….?….

can you hear the voice ..?..

 it’s an extraordinary rendition …”

Sedictionary one.

‘I was sold down the river

to the red slave trade,

orders given,

plans were laid …. ‘

Punk Flag chords

At the moment SEDICTIONARY is me and drummer from Reservoir and the first(easy) ask for the lads from Reservoir(e) is the epic tome, PUNK FLAG which is a rewrite of WIRE‘s Pink Flag which, by the way, is how you play the blues.

Hands on ….

Hands on …

At sometime, or perhaps it’s even started, there is a music project on the way. I have the technology, lots of ideas for songs and approaches for their being and a wayward drummer. We give extraordinary renditions at all times.

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