White Australia

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Big Day Out Melbourne 2007 – Respect the flag dude.

In which it is conclusively proven that nationalism is racism.

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Personally I think that rats are a fine noble creature but Tony, our cat, also a fine noble creature in his own special way seems to disagree. Anyway he kills em’ and I bury em’ but as he is on such a good wicket with prepacked cat food he doesn’t actual eat em’ except to chew the tasty bits like the contents of the cranium. That’s nature for you buddy, brutal but honest. Mind you I think Tony’s Karma is in bad shape and maybe next life he might be a helpless creature like a rat, mouse or a bird himself. Mind you my Karma could be fairly shaky itself and I may yet join him.

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Perfect placement


Here at the Master Move Chess School the next concept beyond set up is the recomended opening move, currently PK4, and the recomended reply etc. just to get the ball rolling. Chewing or throwing of peices and other such anti-social behaviour leads to automatic forfiture. No arguments entered into under any circumstances whatsoever.

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Burnt cds


You can’t glass a man with a plastic bottle.

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The famous old dark grey hat


“anywhere I may roam
where I lay my head is home”

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Obscure chocolate box artist one.


And what is wrong with being a chocolate box painter or even a paperback writer? Is there not an inate dignity in work?

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