Use No Hooks – Running Shirt

I inherited this tape off my late friend Steve and he was very pleased that I wacked it on CD for him. Publish and be damned he said. So be it. USE NO HOOKS. Working Title – Running Shirt. Steve Bourke on drums. Do yourself a favour and check out The Little Band Scene

DOWNLOAD Running Shirt here.

NOTE : If anyone out there feels they OWN this stuff let me know. If it ends up turning up on a commercially available product sourced from here it will only confirm what I already think of the Music Industry. It’s is not my place to do anything other than this and that is probably not my place either.

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Cream – White Room (1968 farewell concert)

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Bootlegs are good

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Jimmy Page is a ……. [insert comment]

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It’s been a long time ….

Welcome to Coburg. Gosh it’s been so long since I’ve done a post I’ve actually moved house. I’ve discovered which is a neat way of listening to music so here’s a band I’m sure you’ll all hate although I find them compelling ….

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Working class hero

Being permanently banned from Bolt World and not getting a guernsey on Tim Blair (obviously a Bolt moderater) has liberated much time so apart from playing internet chess/go and walking the banks of the Maribinong with the family I wasted half the day on You Tube and digested many of the meats of our cultural stew including the excellent Henry Rollins T.V. show, Roky Erikson, Adam and the Ants, Black Sabbath and Slayer. Anyway I thought Green Day’s cover of Lennon’s classic is O.K. so click away.

But how do I vent my spleen now … ????

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White Australia

Gang colours on display cheap_holidays_0001.jpg


Big Day Out Melbourne 2007 – Respect the flag dude.

In which it is conclusively proven that nationalism is racism.

DISCLAIMER : Composite image only. The above image has been deliberately digitally tampered with to emphasise my point which is that all journalism by it’s nature is probably suspect. Images and links sourced off the WWW may no longer be current..

His Bobness

Today I did the deal with the VISA CARD, which in some circles is seen as an instrument in the Global Banking / World Government of Jewery (i.e The U.N.) Conspiracy Theory peddled by members of the far right, and purchased two tickets to see Robert Zimmermann A.K.A Bob Dylan at the Rod Laver Arena. As Big Kev would have said, “I’m excited”.

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An uberkool Smith St. Brunswick garage sale


$30.00 blown on a whim so no footy (woulda been a waste of money anyways) or cd’s in town with a fine vinyl copy of Jailbreak thrown in for a buck. Spoils include Jimi Hendrix, Jonathan Richman, Blur, Slayer The MC5¬†and music instruction material for bass guitar and harmonica. All good stuff and plenty more. All genres welcome. All genres plundered.

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Yet more bargains


The musical efforts of Joni Mitchell and Chad Morgan were a snap for a mere 25 cents a pop at the Don Bosco Op Shop today in multicultural Sydney Road Brunswick. Also on the menu was a disturbing book on the Catholic faith for a buck. Everything except your soul half price today.

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