Home Television one



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Cheesy web fx one


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Obscure chocolate box artist one.


And what is wrong with being a chocolate box painter or even a paperback writer? Is there not an inate dignity in work?

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The King lives on in vinyl form in Brunswick


Buy of the week at less than two bucks at Coburg Market.

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Sedictionary one.

‘I was sold down the river

to the red slave trade,

orders given,

plans were laid …. ‘

Punk Flag chords

At the moment SEDICTIONARY is me and drummer from Reservoir and the first(easy) ask for the lads from Reservoir(e) is the epic tome, PUNK FLAG which is a rewrite of WIRE‘s Pink Flag which, by the way, is how you play the blues.

Small black moustache competition.


Take a photograph

and turn it black and white.

Paint on a small black moustache

and you will have the most extraordinary rendition.

It may be of a funny little man

or maybe an evil little man

or someone just like you.


Small black moustache one 2007

(Artist – for legal reasons he won’t own up).

Medium (WWW, digital)

Fast Train protoype one.

Fast Train prottype one.

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Chair construction stage unknown.

Chair construction stage unknown.

Gerard Hennicke sent a message using the contact form at

DiscoFreq’s FX site

There is an image of my very fine Ibanez renometer 95 on my wordpress blog which you can use but please link to me here.


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Brackesque example one.


Reg Plimpff (2007).

Brackesque No. 5

Medium : Digital Acrylic

[Willywanka Studios – Prahan – Victoria]

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Propaganda installment one.

Stop the culture war

‘Never mind the antics of the insane’

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