Snip … the cred of an icon of the right goes down (again)

The WordPress image uploader is up the putty (again) so no piccy today which suits me just fine. So with Bolt’s smug white supremacist (or mealy mouthed as described by the rest of the audience) visage appearing last night (univited) on Auntie arguing along the lines of  “deary deary me … ” and other school teacheresque putdowns that Global Warming is a hoax. So I visited Andrew Bolt world again today despite dismissing it as rubbish and a waste of time. This is better than reality T.V. is it not? No wonder Pol Pot wanted to destroy the so called cultural elite.

Due to being banned a number of times for asking too many sticky questions I have had to resort to posting in Bolt World under a variety of names including Reg Blatt, Ian Bliff, Betty Plug, Ivan Punt (banned), my real name (banned) and sometimes even George Lincoln Rockwell (dead and famous) and Oswald Mosley (also dead and famous) and many other witty creations, which Bolt oughta know is a prank (if he had any brains). Okay he is a busy guy and delegates work but this one just proves the abject stupidity of Bolt and I’m sorry to say, not only of his barrackers, but of The Herald Sun as well.

Posted by Ian Bliff of Seaford on Fri 25 May 07 at 01:11pm

However, unlike like Mr Brough you also want to eliminate indigenous Australian Languages by not teaching them don’t you? This is known as Linguistic genocide isn’t it?

No reply of course but at least I got a guernsey.

Onya Bolty!

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