Obscure chocolate box artist one.


And what is wrong with being a chocolate box painter or even a paperback writer? Is there not an inate dignity in work?

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Sandy Point Beach late march 2007.

Sandy Point Beach late march 2007

Here noone talks of the blackfellas (except as a footnote in a brochure) who to my eyes are not to be seen here anymore. One of the place’s extinct species. The whitefella has divided, subdivided, hunted, fished, swam, profited and now today, when I read the paper, is also winning the culture war. With fearless warriors Windshuttle and Bolt at the fore soon the blackfella’s sad fate will be mentioned no more.

Read a local history page and find out more.

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‘cheap holidays in other people’s misery …’

Man at desk one.

Do I really wanna holiday in the sun? Irrelevant as Bob Hawke would say, I’m having one like it or not so at least the Imp has some decent childhood memories of the surf and the sea and the sand and all those reasons beyond my control.

See you in about three weeks while WWW-wise I’m at the mercy of uberslow, uberexpensive out of town internet cafes and badly funded public libraries.

If I drown then I guess I’m a klown and if I don’t I may talk to the world at my MySpace blogs (umooku / sedictionary) , if I feel inclined.


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