The Blue Klowns


I’m glad I didn’t stick around for today’s DEBACLE so here’s a lovely photo instead. Like the Blues, this old Brisbane Bridge is of not much use any more and of sentimental value only.

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I don’t want to talk about the footy


The Blue Klowns played like millionares last night and proved that hubris is a losing strategy. Last week they won by 40 and shoulda won by 100 and the dismal last quarter of footy last week was carried forward so this week they lost by what they shoulda won by last week. In short, a complete Jeffing. But before you Carlton Haters out there get too carried away remember that a clap for the Poohs and Pees is a pat on the back for Mr Kennet and he hates youse all.

At least I had the brains not to go.

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and they’ll know that they’ve been playing the famous old dark blues

Last night’s defeat of Port at the phone dome by the Blues was manditory veiwing for anyone interested in the art of Australian Rules Footy. The clinical dissection of the happless Port Power was merciless apart from a klownish final quarter. What posessed Mark Williams to pick a clearly out of sorts Warren Tredrea can only be explained by the effects of drug use or a low I.Q. as Port were exposed as a team of one dimensional hacks. B.O.G. for the winners was #1 Andrew Walker with the team playing well all the way down the list. The Blues crowd indulged itself in an orgy of bogan footy fan celebration, the likes of which hadn’t been seen for nearly four dismal seasons. The rumour from the outer is that Sir Richard Pratt is going to splash some of his excess cash on fixing up Princes Park to AFL standards and start playing games there again and you know that makes sense, don’t you? Go go go go that lovely old Carlton money.

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Love me, love footy duck

blues_footy_duck_0001.jpgThrough out thick and thin, footy season after footy season, Footy Duck has never waivered in his belief in The Mighty Blues. Footy duck may have been just 50 cents in some unknown OP Shop but what are you gunna do? Hate him? I think he should run the country. Go footy duck …..

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Money well spent


Blues (21.12 138) d. Bulldogs (19.14 128)

The Blues were ‘triffic ‘gainst a manful but klowish Dogs today at the ‘G’ but something has to be done about umpire softcock and his lame push in the back interpretation before I have an embolism. Fair dinkum someone asked me if the umps were still white maggots and obviously they still were despite the tragic Richmondesque black and yellow get up. Blue number 44 Curazzo was B.O.G. in a team of WINNERS with Johnston and Cooney the best for the LOSERS.

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An uberkool Smith St. Brunswick garage sale


$30.00 blown on a whim so no footy (woulda been a waste of money anyways) or cd’s in town with a fine vinyl copy of Jailbreak thrown in for a buck. Spoils include Jimi Hendrix, Jonathan Richman, Blur, Slayer The MC5 and music instruction material for bass guitar and harmonica. All good stuff and plenty more. All genres welcome. All genres plundered.

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The baby blues


In which the Mighty Mighty Mighty Blues put a steel stake through what heart there is left at Windy Hill and stage their biggest ever comeback. And don’t we just love it! Go baggers!

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F Footy


The ump left the rulebook in his handbag.

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A dark blue sky dawns at the MCG


In which The Famous Old Dark Navy Blues down the palid Tigers who don’t hold a dead match to the ones of old.

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Magpie one.


I must say I was impressed with the gusto with which the team song was sung after the win.  Good to see the old school is not beaten.

onya and go pois


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