It’s been a long time ….

Welcome to Coburg. Gosh it’s been so long since I’ve done a post I’ve actually moved house. I’ve discovered which is a neat way of listening to music so here’s a band I’m sure you’ll all hate although I find them compelling ….

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Marble Jar


The fine art of collecting

UMOOKU’s jar of found marbles and round things.

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Suspect number one


Who are you?

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Just like a ballerina


A trick of the light ….

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Cityscape with river


Kromble – 2007

Medium – Digital / Acrylic

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Outdoor games board table detail


Things to do when you’re bored in Brunswick.

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Under the vine


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Over the hills and faraway


Extinct view up Warwick Street Hobart as captured on a cheap camera last century as a man made his way up Murray Street one sunny day on his way home. A most opportune photo.

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A song by …

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