It’s Time

Rather a witty effort from myself I thought …

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Listen to Various Ditties

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Use No Hooks – Running Shirt

I inherited this tape off my late friend Steve and he was very pleased that I wacked it on CD for him. Publish and be damned he said. So be it. USE NO HOOKS. Working Title – Running Shirt. Steve Bourke on drums. Do yourself a favour and check out The Little Band Scene

DOWNLOAD Running Shirt here.

NOTE : If anyone out there feels they OWN this stuff let me know. If it ends up turning up on a commercially available product sourced from here it will only confirm what I already think of the Music Industry. It’s is not my place to do anything other than this and that is probably not my place either.

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Sorry, but I’m a little bit anal retentive!

Is this slightly errr … childish … jibe at Organic Food indicative of further Freudesque mental problems?


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The best browser?

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Cream – White Room (1968 farewell concert)

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Bootlegs are good

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An Off The Hip freebie ….

Off The Hip

I could hardly snaffle me lovely new Off the Hip sampler CD with out giving this magnificent business a plug could I?

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2004 Telly Flashback 1.



This is possibly the best thing I have ever seen on telly probably because it was so unexpected and so cool and such a right thing to do. When Gretel had to deviate from the script she was lost. Goodonya Merlin.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald report.

UPDATE 4/5/2010

I am bemused that Krudds Krappy Ruddockesque refugee policies are not the reason for his decline in popularity. May we be spared a dose of the Monk although I quess he will be a shoe in. Time for Garrett to see the light and join the greens.

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Jimmy Page is a ……. [insert comment]

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